Forex Trading - 3 Rules to Forex Trading Success

These 3 rules are the starting points for a forex trader to question if they have the right forex trading strategy for them... Here are your 3 rules for forex success. These are in no particular order of importance, you can put them in any order you like, they will all be important to you. 1. Accept responsibility for Your Fortune If you think you can follow someone else to success or buy a forex robot and win it won't work. You have to accept responsibility for your financial destiny, the bulk of 95% of traders fail due to trading simply because they cant accept responsibility for their actions and do not have a forex trading system. You won't win at forex trading without a forex trading strategy. 2. Get the Right Education This should not be hard to achieve - but people fall for the myth that they can get a fancy education buying a hundred buck book and its not true! Everyone has the opportunity and skills for forex trading success should take advantage of them. 3. The Right Mindset Your mindset is the real key to forex success this is the real key that separates the forex trading winners from the losers. The wrong mindset is the major challenge and most traders simply cannot trade with discipline, so take the time to get the right forex education and make sure you understand this: You are responsible for your forex destiny and you need a forex trading system you have confidence in. Discipline is not easy, of course we all have egos and we all want the perfect system - but as you have to have this to win, no system is perfect at all and you must accept this. When trading your trading decisions are vital and you have to decide if you will play the market by its rules or if you are going to deviate. If you cannot decide which way you are going to want to play it, then you have not got a forex trading system. As a forex trader, you have to accept responsibility for your actions. You accept that you are totally responsible for what happens - no one else. Success relies on your forex trading system, you need to have confidence in it to follow it through periods of losses. Unless you have confidence you will not have discipline. You also have to accept you are going to face weeks of losing periods and it will happen - so what? What you have to do is cut your losses and run your profits - this, is the basis of forex trading success. If you do this, no system is perfect and you will be profitable. The reason discipline is so hard, is you are going to feel stupid as you lose - but trust me, you will lose in the short term but if you have confidence in your forex trading system, you will make up those losses in the longer term. So remember accept responsibility, have the right mindset and educate yourself. If you do this, you are well on the way to making a great second income. The site uses cookies. They allow us to recognize you and get information about your user experience.By continuing to browse the site, I agree to the use of cookies by the site owner in accordance with Cookie policy